Monday, 25 June 2007

Telephone Addiction

After having spent the last couple of hours with every phone I have within reaching distance, I've just had a call from Sophia at the hospital. Prince is OK. His blood test results were as they expected, but he is a little anaemic. His white blood cell count is good, but his platelet count is slightly low. The aspirates have shown that both his liver and spleen are affected by the lymphoma, which means that his first chemotherapy dose has been reduced slightly. It's unlikely that his bone marrow is heavily affected, as the blood test results weren't too bad. He's had the first dose of chemotherapy drugs, and subject to all going well he should have another drug tomorrow before I can collect him.

He's on a drip tonight, and I'll bet the poor little chap is as miserable as sin. My only hope is that he's so woozy from the sedation and general fatigue that he won't be terribly aware of the pickle he's in. On a positive note, I believe that he's had a small snack, and a treat (I'll be amazed if the donor left with his/her fingers intact!), and they think he's in a pretty good position to start the treatment.

I suspect I won't sleep particularly well tonight, and in some ways I hope not - why should I sleep comfortably when my 'baby' might be having an awful night.....?

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