Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Sweet Dreams

Whilst I was warned to expect Prince to drink excessively, and as a result need to go to the toilet more often, I had underestimated the extent of this. It's like living with one of those perpetual fountains, where the little boy stands in the fountain peeing constantly! My goodness, I can see us having to get up every two hours to visit the garden....

It's a small price to pay though, and I'm really pleased that he seems generally well and quite happy. He's had his Prednisolone, Antepsin and Zantac (yes, that one!) this evening and is now napping peacefully on my bed. I'm keeping an eye on him from downstairs and caught the picture above on the webcam.


Suzanne said...

Hi Graham

Suzanne here, i left you a message the other day on the idler forum, just writing to wish you and Prince good luck, crossing my fingers here for good news on your future blogs

I'm rooting for him


Timbellemia said...

Prince looks so peaceful lying there, bless him.

Here's wishing him the very best of luck! You both deserve it.