Monday, 25 June 2007

Separated - Thankfully For a Short Time....

I've had to leave Prince at the hospital until tomorrow afternoon - I'm not happy.

They want to start his chemotherapy as soon as possible, and also want to carry out some further tests before they do. The poor little cherub is currently undergoing blood tests, fine needle aspirates of his spleen and liver, and ultrasound scans, to get a full picture of what we're dealing with. Subject to all these being as expected and within safe parameters, he'll have a high dose of chemotherapy drugs today, and a further dose tomorrow before I bring him home.

I hadn't expected to have to leave him there, especially overnight, so I'm enormously worried. Of course, most of my worries are fairly irrational and trivial - he'll be hungry as he hasn't eaten today, he won't like the food they have at the hospital, he won't want to go to the toilet under those circumstances, etc, etc.... However, I'm sure these are the sort of worries that all us crazy dog people have at times like this!

I'm expecting a call from the vet late this afternoon to let me know how he is, and what the results of all todays tests are. I'll report back when I hear....

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