Saturday, 30 June 2007

Rain, Rain, Rain....

When will it stop raining? It's driving me mad!

It doesn't seem to be dampening Princes spirits though. Despite his usual dislike of 'the wet stuff' he still trotted out quite happily for a walk this morning and has resumed his kitchen vigil. Displaying the typical terrier qualities of determination and a desire to get the job done - I'm sure he would spend six hours sitting next to his cupboard in the kitchen if it had the desired effect.

We're heading over to his grandparents house tonight for dinner, so he can have a change of scenery and torment my father in the kitchen instead of me. It will be interesting to see how he gets on. The last time we went was before his initial treatment and he was pretty tired and ill. It was sad to see him that way, as he usually loves visiting 'Grandma & Grandpa', so I'm looking forward to seeing him bounce through the house tonight!


Anonymous said...

Trust the visit to ma and pa was a roaring success; they must have been delighted to see the improvement in my little nephew!

Thinking of you both and here's to ongoing robust health and "respect issues"


Anonymous said...

Hi Graham & Prince
I hope everything is going well for Prince. It's been 7 days for me since my 15 year old dog was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Benji has been having all the same symptoms as Prince, excessive water drinking and peeing!! We've taken to sleeping downstairs as he won't go upstairs to bed, just so we too can to the 2 hourly garden trips.
His appetite is as always but other than that he sleeps constantly but doesn't seem in pain.
Unfortunately due to age and diagnosis we have been advised that chemotherapy wouldn't be advised in Benji's case, so we are just counting down the days at the moment, fearful that we may have to make the decision shortly to put him to sleep.
Anyway all the best to Prince and good luck with his treatment, he looks like a little rascal.