Friday, 29 June 2007


Prince remains as upbeat about the situation as ever, whilst I become progressively more exhausted! He's currently feeling on top of the world, and appears to have taken on super-canine properties - requiring no sleep, rest, or peace, whilst demanding food at every opportunity. I only have to move a muscle in my eye-lid and he's heading towards the kitchen at full speed in the hope that food may be offered......

The drugs he's been receiving are clearly making him feel great. Like so many of the drugs involved in his treatment, the Prednisolone is a 'human' drug and even has the patients information sheet in the box. There are pages of side effects, but one that amused me said, "You may feel very happy, or extremely depressed whilst taking this medication" - no prizes for guessing which emotion Prince is feeling right now!

Thankfully, the frequency of toilet visits has decreased now, so I've managed to have more than three hours sleep at a time. His outrageous energy levels are still taking their toll on me though. We went out for a walk yesterday afternoon, and I could bearly keep up with him - it's as though he's reverted back to being a three year old. The dosage of the Prednisolone will be reduced shortly I think, so I suspect that this may coincide with 'normal' levels of energy!

It's fantastic to see him like this though, and despite me being knackered I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm just wondering whether the hospital might be prepared to put me next to him on the table when he goes in for his next treatment, and give me a dose. Believe me, I need it to keep up!

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