Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Home Sweet Home

Thank goodness for that - Prince is home, safe and sound. He was far brighter than I expected, which was a relief and I'd been worried that he might be really quite ill. I think he's thawing now, but I was in seriously bad books for having left him overnight - he went to see everyone in the waiting room before even acknowledging me, and then promptly peed on the water cooler.

Since we've been home, he's drunk mountains of water, and been to the toilet several times - one of the side effects of the Prednisolone that he's been given. He's also happily chewed a rawhide bone on the rug, and spent some time begging for food in the kitchen. I'm used to his insatiable appetite, but I'm told it's likely to increase further, again as a side-effect of the drugs he's getting.

All in all - he's looking in pretty good form, and aside from having a bald tummy from the ultrasound and samples taken from his liver and spleen, seems quite unscathed by his ordeal.

As I write, he's eyeing up the oven, as he has a strong suspicion that here may be something in it that requires his attention....

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