Monday, 25 June 2007


My best friend of many years is coming up from London to stay tonight. This is a pleasant coincidence rather than a planned visit whilst Prince is at the hospital. Prince will be very disappointed when he gets home to find that he's missed a visit from 'Uncle David'. David's great with Prince - he even allows him to bully him intensively whenever he comes to vist, and likes to 'settle him into the spare bedroom' by leaping on his back just as he gets into bed. I hear all this from my room at the end of the house, and it never fails to make me laugh. I'll miss hearing Prince 'settling him in' tonight, but I'm sure I'll hear it again in the future!

As there won't be any webcam images today, I've included a past picture of Prince, showing the usual level of respect to 'Uncle David'!

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Chapstaff said...

Best of luck Graham & Prince.

I had to laugh at the level of respect shown to your pal......"bums up"....hahaha

Hope everything goes well.