Sunday, 24 June 2007


I can't for the life of me find any good dog or pet blogs out there. I'm sure there must be some but I can't find them! There are quite a few in the US, and a few in the UK, but none of them seem to be updated regularly. If you know of any good 'dogs blogs', or even have one yourself, please let Prince know as he's feeling a little isolated in the blogosphere at the moment!

You can email him via prince (at) - not written in the correct format in case of spammers!. Thanks!


Schnozzles said...

Hi Graham I'm Emma F off D For Dog. Great Blog.

Sadly I think you're right, the only one I've found other than yours is my friend Helena's - but hers is mostly in Swedish I'm afraid. She's at http://

There is a page or so in English though!!

Big hugs to you both, Em

pawhealer said...

Hello...I was surfing along looking for good dog blogs because I blog about dogs as well. My dog blog is a little quirky...check it out at Http://, maybe you will like it.

Read the post about dogs going to heaven, it's my favorite.